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This page describes the research projects I am conducting in the Centre for Defence Engineering of Cranfield University. Click on the figures or the links below to access the corresponding pages.

 Morph04 model Aerofoil morphing by MFC actuators

In this research macro fiber composite (MFC) actuators are used to change the shape of aerofoils. This technique can be applied to adjust the shape of aircraft wings of or rotating blades (e.g. in helicopters or wind turbines) for achieving or maintaining optimal performance and for reducing undesirable dynamic phenomena. I developed some morphing aerofoils in the Temasek Laboratories of the Natonal university of Singapore. Additional work needs to be done to improve the performance of MFC actuators bonded to the inner side of the skins of aerofoils. This will include both optimizing the construction of the skins and using active control techniques to compensate their actuation deficiencies. The long term goal is developing smart wings and rotating blades capable of autonomous shaping for self-adjusting to changing flow conditions.

 cavity flow control facility Experimental exploration of cavity flow physics

The acoustic resonance of a flow over a cavity occurs in different practical situations. In order to develop better techniques to reduce this annoying and sometime damaging phenomenon it is important to study and to understand its physics. To this aim experiments are performed in wind tunnels equipped with different acoustic and optical measurement systems. The results obtained complement and complete other studies on cavity-flow and on the control of its resonant noise.

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